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30 Minute Vegan Tray Bake Recipe

Hey there vegan food lovers!

As you read this, I am off in Italy playing tourist so I’m going to keep this week’s recipes short and sweet.

As much as I love to cook, and I really do, sometimes I need to nourish my body and do it easily or quickly. Sometimes that means one pot meals and other times it means something similar, a tray bake recipe.

Vegan tray bake recipes are absolutely perfect when you want to eat good and eat well with very little effort. Today’s recipe features TVP, sweet potatoes and carrots. And I threw in a small batch of kohlrabi greens because I wanted to use them before they started to turn yellow and bitter.

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Vegan One Pot Meals ~ Cauliflower, Leek & Potato Casserole

Don’t you just love a good meal that comes together in one pot? Or in this case, one casserole dish?

These days the Hubs and I both have been incredibly busy so we have been living on one pot vegan meals, soups, casseroles and other such dishes. They are usually delicious but when it comes to my creations, they aren’t often very photogenic. I know, I plan to take a course on improving my blog photos and I will. Eventually.

For now, this is what we have. #sorrynotsorry

This dish came to be as a sort of kitchen sink dish because I made it the day before we usually do our grocery shopping which means the fridge was looking a little bare. But there was a medium head of cauliflower inside that I desperately wanted to use because the idea of food going bad just really makes me mad.

And I thought to myself, what can I make with cauliflower that isn’t vegan cauliflower and leek soup? Oh, did I mention that I have a ton of leeks because my mother-in-law knows we like them and gave us about a half kilo of them? Well that’s two ingredients to the dish and all I needed was to decide the all important question: Grain or Potato?

Potato won out this time and here we are.

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Vegan Comfort Food ~ Vegan Broccoli Mac & Cheese

There’s nothing quite like a warm, comforting bowl of vegan mac and cheese on a cold winter day. Not only is it delicious and satisfying, but it’s also a great way to incorporate more plant-based foods into your diet. Broccoli is and has always been one of my favorite vegetables and this vegan dinner recipe is a staple in our house, but you can add cauliflower, carrots or any other vegetable that tickles your fancy.

One of the great things about vegan comfort food is that it can be just as indulgent and creamy as its non-vegan counterparts, but without the negative health consequences. By using plant-based ingredients like nuts, seeds, and vegetables, you can create rich and flavorful dishes that are much lower in saturated fat and cholesterol than traditional comfort foods.

One of my favorite vegan comfort food recipes is vegan mac and cheese with broccoli and garlic. Not only is it packed with flavor, but it’s also loaded with nutrients thanks to the addition of broccoli. Plus, the garlic adds a nice depth of flavor and helps to boost the immune system.

What is your go to vegan comfort food recipe?

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Vegan Holiday Recipes ~ Romanian Vegan Drob Recipe

Have you ever heard of Drob? I have been married to a Romanian for nearly two decades and the first I’d heard of it was about 6 years back when a friend living in Germany made it. My hubs had never really mentioned it even though we’ve enjoyed plenty of Romanian dishes together, especially prior to adopting a vegan lifestyle. Basically it was a Romanian meatloaf only…not.

Anyway, this year for some reason he really wanted Drob and I looked up a few recipes to see how the dish is traditionally made and decided I was up for the challenge.

What is Drob?

Drob is a traditional Romanian and Moldovan dish that is usually made with lots of different animal parts, often lamb or mutton and usually some type of offal. Gross, right? I know but you need to know the context so you’ll understand what vegan ingredients I chose.

Usually Drob is made for easter, which is the one and only time I’ve had it until recently, but it is often served at many other calendar and religious holidays.

Drob is/isn’t Meatloaf!

Calling Romanian Drob ‘meatloaf’ is the simplest way to understand it because it’s cooked in a loaf pan and it contains mince(s), herbs and seasoning. But the texture isn’t quite the same, so yes it is a loaf of meat but it is not a meatloaf.

Now that you know what it is and isn’t, let’s get down to making vegan Drob!

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Cheesy Vegan Cauliflower & Potato Casserole

One pot recipes. They are a staple in most households because they’re easy and–often–contain vegan cheese, but that’s not always the case.

One pot vegan meals are wonderful if you’re a busy vegan like me, consumed with a ghostwriting career, publishing romance novels and sharing yummy vegan recipes with the world. And when the weather gets chilly and sunlight fades too soon, sometimes you just want a vegan meal that is quick and easy, and doesn’t require using all the dishes in the kitchen.

Am I right?

This particular vegan dinner recipe is similar to casseroles I’ve eaten most of my life as a born & bred girl of the Midwest. Take a bunch of veggies, add potatoes and cheese and you have yourself a casserole! It brings back wonderful memories of a time when calories and nutrition meant very little to me and all that mattered was the ooey-gooey dish baking in the oven…and eating two helpings. At least.

These days it’s more of a convenience and a way to indulge in a mostly guilt-free way. Feel me?

Anyway this vegan dinner recipe is pretty simple, had limited ingredients and is so delicious everyone will swear you slaved in the kitchen for hours.

Fingers crossed.

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Hot & Spicy Vegan Mac and Cheese Recipe

My husband loves mac & cheese. I mean he REALLY loves it and if I wouldn’t turn my nose up at it, he would request it at least once a week. Calories and fat and inflammation be damned.

Not that I mind (don’t tell him that) because vegan mac & cheese is delicious, especially this version that doesn’t actually include any cheese at all, not even vegan cheese. This is basically a thick and creamy vegan bechamel sauce with turmeric for color, tons of nutritional yeast, herbs & spices for a big ol’ pop of flavor.

The best part of all is that this vegan mac & cheese recipe is hot and spicy, and super easy to make!

If you’re not a big fan of spicy foods, I would recommend that you either take out ALL the seeds of the chili peppers or omit them altogether because I also added hot sauce to the bechamel because I am a crazy person who LOVES spicy stuff.

Hot & Spicy vegan mac and cheese

This is a quick and easy vegan recipe and you’ll be able to feed your family or a crowd of vegan guests in 30 minutes or less!

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Vegan Spanakopita ~ Photo Fail, Recipe Success!

Since I was so busy last week I figured I would give you with an extra, albeit short, post.

Last week I made another attempt at spanakopita and this one was more of a success than my last, in terms of taste, seasoning and composition. It was however, a photo fail as you will see. Soon.

I didn’t used to be much of a spinach fan and today I’ll stay that I don’t love it but I don’t hate it either. I can tolerate it in a few instances, such as a variety of spinach & artichoke recipes:

Spinach & Artichoke Open-Faced Sandwiches
Squash & Spinach Vegan Queso Dip
Spinach & Bean Pinwheels
Vegan Sausage, Spinach & Mushroom Risotto 
Southern Style Vegan Black Eyed Pea & Spinach Stew

Which of course means I had to jump right to vegan spanakopita, right?


I hope you enjoy this Vegan Spanakopita Casserole Recipe.

You can make it however you choose, in a large baking dish to serve family style, individual casserole dishes or you can even do it fancy by rolling into little bite-sized triangles. The choice is yours.

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