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UPDATED: Waste Free Homemade Vegan Broth

You know how TV chefs and know-it-all cooks always tell you not to boil your vegetables? They say that because when you boil your veggies most of the nutrients end up in the water that you inevitably discard.

Well that’s the basic premise behind my waste free vegan broth. That and the fact that you get double usage out of your fresh herbs and vegetables by hanging on to the leftover bits and bobs to make a delicious and flavorful broth that you can use for pretty much anything that requires water.

Ways To Use Vegan Broth:

*Soup starter
*Ramen noodle broth
*Deglaze pan (perfect for oil free vegan cooking)
*Water for rice/bulgur/couscous
*In place of oil in cooking

There are so many ways you can use this waste free vegan broth and the best part? If you cook regularly or even semi-regularly you will have an endless supply of homemade vegan broth. If you think you don’t have time for that, check out my Slow Cooker Waste Free Broth recipe.

Kitchen Tools:

*Containers for fresh food waste (airtight & freezer safe)
*Stock pot
*Long handled wooden spoon
*Freezer safe containers (it’s best to find ones that fit your freezer space


*Food scraps (frozen to avoid decay)
*Dry herbs
*Whole spices
*Bay leaf

Step by step vegan waste free broth


Place stock pot on a burner on medium-high heat.
Add whole spices to the pot and heat until fragrant.
Dump the container of frozen veggie & herb scraps, plus dry herbs and enjoy the sizzle
Fill pot with water, leaving about an inch (or 2 fingers) of space so it doesn’t spill over.
Bring to a boil and stir.
Reduce to a simmer for at least 60 minutes, but longer is better.
Let cool, strain into containers
Refrigerate one container and freeze extra until needed.

how to make vegan waste free broth


*Discard seeds, stems and insides of things like bell peppers before adding to container
*Don’t use any pieces that look bad
*When the container is full…make more waste free broth!
*Just in case you’re wondering I CUT the corn kernels from the cob so those aren’t eaten cobs in there!

Homemade vegan waste-free broth

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