About The Spicy Spatula

UPDATE 2017: The Spicy Spatula has gone…vegan!!!

That’s right, in the years since I started (and discarded) this blog, I have undergone many changes but the most significant is removing animal products from my diet and then my life. It was mostly a health decision, which has had AMAZING results (49kg & counting!), but also environmental and compassion reasons which I’m happy to talk about on a personal level. The Spicy Spatula however is just about food, cooking & healthy eating. I still love it–eating, cooking and creating–and now you’ll get double the recipes because my husband is in on it too!

I won’t be separating myself from my past so I will be keeping all of the old recipes because not everyone has a vegan or whole food diet. Duh!

We both hope you try these recipes and enjoy them, but feel free to be honest about any recipes that you try!

Curious about a plant based diet? This is a great place to start!


Whatcha think?

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