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Southern Style Vegan Black Eyed Pea & Spinach Stew

I know, I know, it’s barely September and here I am with a stew recipe. The weather is still nice but has cooled dramatically after the super warm summer we’ve had all over Europe (and home in the US too, no?), which makes it the perfect time to hop on the stew train. Or if you prefer, the soup train?

Not to mention the fact that black eyed peas are very difficult to find here so when I found them (jarred, boo) I grabbed them, held on tight and knew I had to make a southern style vegan bean stew.

Why? Both of my grandmothers have southern roots–Alabama & Tennessee, respectively–which means I have eaten my fair share of bean soups, stews and the mysteriously named soup beans. Sometimes, when my longing for time with my grannies gets too strong, this is one of my go to recipes. Or when it’s a little bit chilly and I’m making an excuse to eat soup. Or just because the mood strikes.

Black eyed peas are perfect for vegan stews or slow cooker vegan recipes

This is a very hearty stew which means, in my opinion, it doesn’t require bread or crackers or anything else on the side. You’ve got spinach for dark leafy greens, onions and potatoes for fiber and tons of other nutrients. Just season well and let this big bowl of vegan goodness do it’s thang.

This is the perfect pantry stew because you probably have all the ingredients.
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For me, vegan bean stew is all about layering, and as usual, this is an oil free vegan recipe. Start with onion, bell pepper and potatoes. Let them cook for a few minutes, five to seven, and add garlic. Stir and let cook for another couple minutes.

Add the beans, tomato paste and half the water. The amount of water you use will vary depending on how soupy you want the stew to be, so keep that in mind. Add half the beans, herbs & spices, and a bay leaf. Bring the mixture to a boil and then simmer for 10 minutes, and give it another taste. If you are satisfied with the flavor, add the rest of the water, beans, and the spinach.

Get lots of nutrients by adding a liberal amount of spinach to your vegan stew.

Simmer for 10 to 15 minutes, and taste again.

Cook the rice according to instructions in a separate pot, or add it to the stew for a perfect one pot vegan stew.

If you want to make it a truly southern style vegan stew, add garlic salt on top and a few dashes of hot sauce on top and enjoy!

If you’re looking for quick and easy vegan stew recipes, look no further than this delicious stew. It’s packed with nutrients and flavor, and it is guaranteed to fill your belly.



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