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New Vegan Product + Vegan Fish Filets & Noodle Salad Recipe

Hello folks out there in vegan recipe land! How are you?

Today I’m doing a combo post featuring a new vegan food product find and a recipe with said food. Usually my new products are vegan snacks or random vegan ingredients, but today we’ve got the best of both worlds.

As you might recall, I’ve used the vegan brand Unfished a few times here and there, in my Vegan Tuna Orecchiette with Lemon & Capers recipe or my Mediterranean Vegan Tuna & Potato Cakes w/ Oven Roasted Asparagus. You can find more tuna recipes here on the blog. So, imagine my surprise when I’m pushing my cart through my local Kaufland and I spot a refrigerated shelf featuring non-canned Unfished vegan products. If ever given the choice between vegan fish filets and vegan fish fingers/sticks, I will never choose vegan fish sticks.

Not ever.


So what’s a vegan girl to do when she’s got a package of vegan fish steaks and no idea what to do with them?

Something? Anything?

I decided to do something off the beaten path but it turned out super delicious and healthy-ish, so let’s see what we can do with vegan fish filets!

What is your favorite vegan fish alternative?

What You’ll Need:

Mixing bowl


Unfished vegan fish filets
Green cabbage
Red bell peppers
Fresh dill
Cocogurt (or other vegan yogurt)
Asian noodles (Ramen or whatever type you like)
Smoky paprika
Garlic granules
Ground ginger
Ground lemongrass powder
Lemon juice (fresh)


One: Cook noodles according to package instructions.

Two: Slice cabbage, lettuce, carrots, scallions and bell peppers in thin, uniform slices so you can get a little of every ingredients in each bite. Place in large mixing bowl and toss.

Three: Mix vegan cocogurt with fresh dill, pressed garlic, lemon juice and the listed her seasonings. Whisk together.

Four: Bake vegan fish filets until crispy and golden brown on the outside, warmed through on the inside. Set aside and slice when cooled.

Five: Toss raw veggie mixture in half the cocogurt dressing.

Six: Toss ramen noodles with raw veggie mix or serve the veggies on a bed of your favorite Asian noodles.

Seven: Drizzle the remaining cocogurt mixture on top of the vegan fish and salad.


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