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Vegan Hot & Sour Soup Recipe

With fall upon us and autumn weather barreling in like she owns the place, our house become a soup kitchen, quite literally. Just this month alone, we’ve probably had soup about 7 out of 10 days because yeah, we love soup that much.

But cooking–and eating–so much soup means you have to keep it fresh or else someone (by someone, I mean me) will start complaining about having repeat dishes. That means scouring vegan blogs, recipes that can be veganized, making fusion soup recipes and tweaking old favorites. It can become a lot if you let it.

I refused to let it because soup is just a warm cold weather salad, right?

All right, maybe that’s a poor comparison but they are both low in calories, high in nutrients and full of vegetables, which is basically a bowl full of goodness.

I don’t always post a lot of vegan soup recipes because the photos hardly ever (cough, cough, never) turn out great. But soup, at least my soup recipes, would be perfectly categorized in my ugly but delicious category.

Anyway this vegan soup recipe isn’t my own, it’s from Will Yeung who had some really great Asian style vegan recipes. I follow him on YouTube and this Hot & Sour Soup recipe has become a favorite since he posted it.

Vegan Hot & Sour Soup Recipe

The list of ingredients, at first glance, may seem overwhelming but once it’s all chopped up, I promise you it’s easy peasy…ish.


Cutting Board
Kitchen Knife
Small Whisk


Here is the link to the video of the original recipe. Mostly I stuck to Will’s recipe with a few exceptions:

*Frozen & jarred mushrooms (because dry ones aren’t always easy to come by
*Sherry vinegar once I ran out of Black vinegar, gives a very similar taste but not quite exactly
*Noodles sometimes instead of vegan pork
*Mungbohnen (jarred bean sprouts) because they’re tasty and add a nice crunch!

What To Do:

Again, I followed Will’s directions pretty much to the letter except where I can’t because of vegan substitutions. I usually skip the rehydrating of the mushrooms step and move right to adding veggies to the skillet using my waste free broth instead of oil.

The link is above because I want you to follow the recipe as closely as you can the first time. I served this with a small ramekin of kimchi because whenever I make vegan kimchi I can’t resist having a bit of it on the side of EVERYTHING.

Check out my Bok Choy Kimchi and my very first attempt at Vegan Kimchi!

Vegan kimchi

So there you have it folks, one of my new favorite vegan soup recipes. It’s easy to make, the pot does most of the work and you can add in all types of veggies if you don’t have the original recipes.

I hope you enjoy this bone warming soup as much as we do!

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