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Easy Vegan Lunch Recipes ~ Mushroom & Snow Pea Bowl

Whether you work at home like me or you have to head to an office each day, lunch is inevitable. By the time noon rolls around, your belly might rumble with hunger or maybe you skipped breakfast, or maybe you just practice intuitive eating and lunchtime is when your hunger kicks into overdrive.

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Whatever the reason you need to eat lunch and you have choices. Will you head to the nearest drive-thru to satisfy your hunger with something greasy and delicious but that won’t provide you for much energy to get through the day? Or will you load up on something healthy and full of vegetables and nutrients to keep you going?

I know which choice we all want to make. The easy choice and that’s a given since our brains are hard-wired to maintain the status quo, to avoid doing anything that might cause the smallest amount of pain or discomfort. But with a few seconds of thought and good decision making you’ll reach your health, work or life goals much easier.

And all of that was just my way of introducing my latest dish, Mushroom & Snow Pea bowl. So simple, right?

Darn tootin’!

Simple and delicious.


Red bell pepper
Snow Peas
Crimini mushrooms
Napa cabbage
Maple syrup, brown sugar or agave syrup
Soy sauce (regular & dark)
Vegan oyster sauce

Easy oil free vegan recipes

Rinse and chop the vegetables into uniform sizes. If you don’t want to chop the snow peas, make sure everything is just about the same size.

Re-hydrate the TVP and cook over high heat in oven or air fryer.

In a small bowl, mix in soy sauce, dark soy sauce, Sriracha, maple syrup and vegan oyster sauce. Whisk until well combined and set aside.

Start with the mushrooms, cooking them over medium high heat. I used a water and soy sauce mixture to keep this an oil free vegan recipe but you can use oil or spray to prevent food from sticking.

Cook the mushrooms about 15 minutes or until they’ve released most of their water and start to crisp around the edges.

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Add onions and bell pepper to the skillet, and cook 5 more minutes.

The last thing to go in will be snow peas and cabbage. Cook a few minutes, less than five, until the cabbage starts to soften.

Add the soy sauce mix to the skillet and toss until it starts to bubble, then add the water & cornstarch slurry. Bring it back to a boil and reduce to a simmer until the sauce is thick and glossy.

Stir in crispy TVP and serve.

You can also add rice if you need some type of grain or carb to get you through the day, otherwise just enjoy!

Vegan soy, mushrooms & snow pea bowl recipe

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