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New Vegan Food Finds!

Today’s post is just going to be a quickie Konjac alfredo because I found a bunch of different konjac noodles and they are just SO low in calories and vegan that I just had to check them out.

Are you familiar with Konjac? I wasn’t, not even a little so I stood there in one of the aisles of Lidl while I Googled, “What the hell is Konjac?”

Turns out it’s a root plate from Asia, called Amorphophallus konjac. Who knew?

Certainly, not me but I had to try it out for my blog readers as well as my waistline.

For this vegan chicken alfredo, I used the tagliatelle pasta but there were several others that I tried out that had the same nutritional content, they were just available in different cuts of noodle.

You can use konjac pasta the same you use any other types of pasta as long as you follow the cooking instructions. For this particular recipe, I cooked the noodles separately and then tossed them in the alfredo sauce. But for the konjac spaghetti, I cooked it for 2 minutes on its own before adding it to a vegan Bolognese sauce.

I’ve made plenty of alfredo recipes so if you’re in need of one check these out:

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Konjac mushrooms and vegan chicken tagliatelle
Quick & easy vegan alfredo recipes
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