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Delicious Local Vegan Food in Ploiesti ~ Cauliflower Almond Soup

Hello there, my fellow vegans!

Why am I in such a good mood you ask? Well that’s simple. I finished Book 2 in my Green St. Girls Romance series and not only am I totally in love with this new story, but I’m super stoked that it’s all done.

To celebrate, the hubs and I went out to lunch at the local (mostly) vegan restaurant here in Ploiesti, Cafe  Nației which in English translates to The Cafe of the Nation. Anyway I love going to this place because there’s a level of comfort in knowing that I can always get the falafel burrito wrap, but there is always an element of surprise because they have ingredients delivered fresh each day, which means the menu is never the same.

On this particular visit there was something new and it was so dang delicious that I almost didn’t want to share it with the hubs. What was it? Cauliflower and almond soup, which to non-vegans might seem a little bland but holy moly let me tell you that it thick and creamy and so flavorful that I moaned nice and loud to show off my delight.

This particular vegan soup contained cauliflower, almonds, almond cream and it was even garnished with sliced almonds so to say it was an almond-a-palooza would not be an understatement. There was also an herbed oil for garnish and that was absolutely incredible. I LOVED this!

Cafe  Nației did a wonderful job with this soup and even though the weather was nice, it was perfect while dining outdoors.

We also had a few old favorites such as chickpea pancakes topped with hummus, avocado and fresh tomatoes. The aforementioned falafel burrito and rice & lentil bowl which is YUM YUM, GIMME SOME!

It was the perfect way to celebrate finishing another romance novel and now it’s time to edit and market and all that jazz!

Wish me luck & happy eating!

Where’s your favorite place to eat when you have a reason to celebrate?



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