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Vegan Feta & Tomato Salad

You all know how much I love my vegan salad recipes so it was about time that I gave a vegan caprese salad another shot, right? I hadn’t planned on it because you might remember that I am no longer a big fan of cheese but there were these gorgeous Monterosa tomatoes at the market, fat and bright red and juicy. Usually they are too soft and too pale so I skip them but they were irresistible this day.

I love a good heirloom tomato and not just because they are so pretty. I find they are usually juicier and have a lot more flavor than Roma tomatoes or the ones that come on the vine.

The moment I weighed them I knew they were going to be the star of their own vegan salad and when I got to the vegan section in the refrigerator aisle I thanked the stock person for making sure the vegan feta cheese was newly restocked.

This is a very easy vegan salad recipe that goes great beside a bowl of soup, a sandwich or even on a big ol’ bed of lettuce. If you’re looking for a way to add more fresh veggies to your diet or you’re simply in need of some extra beta carotene, this vegan feta & tomato salad is a great—and tasty—way to do it.


*Cutting board
*Kitchen knife


*Tomatoes, washed & sliced
*Vegan feta cheese, sliced thinly
*Wild garlic or scallions
*Balsamic vinegar
*Fresh basil & oregano leaves

Make Your Vegan Salad

*Make sure you rinse the tomatoes and wild garlic or scallions. The heirloom tomatoes aren’t too dirty but hands and germs. Wild garlic can be really dirty to give it a good rinse and don’t be afraid to break out the vegetable scrubber.

*Slice the tomatoes and season lightly with salt and black pepper.

*Slice the vegan feta. I chose to use small strips but if you have access to any kind of vegan cheese that’s round so you can get that classic Caprese salad look, go for it and tag me in the photos!

*I like to season the plate with salt and black pepper and a pinch of garlic granules before assembling the salad so that both sides of the tomato taste as good as they can.

*Stack salad: tomato – vegan cheese – seasoning – fresh herbs.

*Drizzle balsamic vinegar on top and sprinkle the basil and oregano leaves on top.

*Eat it up and smile because you’re getting good food that’s also good for you.

And that’s it. The perfect vegan side salad for any meal at any time of day.

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