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Quick & Tasty Eggplant Buddha Bowl Recipe

Today we have another Buddha bowl recipe and it will be quick because this author is incredibly busy this week. I’m making SUCH good progress on Green St. Girls book 2 so I’ll keep this week.

It’s no secret how much I love a Buddha bowl and today’s is no different except, well one of the main ingredients is roasted eggplant, and if you’ve been here a while then you know I’ve slowly but surely developed a fondness for some eggplant dishes.

So let’s keep this short and sweet.

Keys to an Amazing Buddha Bowl

This might not be the official definition or whatever but for me a good Buddha bowl means lots of colors and textures and over all, mostly healthy. Keep this list in mind when creating your favorite vegan Buddha bowl:

*Veggies (fresh & cooked)
*Sauce or dressing
*Bits & bobs (roasted nuts, seeds, sprouts or microgreens)

Grab a little of each, add it to your favorite and biggest bowl, and enjoy!

Roasted Eggplant Buddha Bowl

This easy vegan bowl recipe includes:

*Oven-roasted eggplant
*Roasted tomatoes, on the vine
*Green cabbage slaw
*Wood ear mushrooms with pickled shallots, garlic and chili peppers
*Sojagurt dressing
*Basil pesto

Mix and match whatever you’d like into your bowl recipes. That’s the great thing about this kind of vegan recipe, just grab some healthy veggies, pick a cuisine theme and put it all together.

Easy peasy.

Make Every Bite Count & Count Every Bite

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