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5 Ingredient Vegan Cream Pops

Today isn’t my normal posting date but I really wanted to share with you the latest vegan food obsession in my home. Cream pops.

Okay, full disclosure this one is tasty but it’s more of an obsession of my husband who is the one with a GIANT sweet tooth in our house. I found them very sweet but naturally delicious.

So anyway the ingredient list for these cream pops is super simple and the food processor and the freezer do most of the work.

What You’ll Need:

*Popsicle molds (got mine on sale at Kaufland but they’re like this)
*Food processor


*Fresh raspberries (reserve about a third)
*Light coconut milk
*Agave Syrup
*Lime juice

vegan raspberry coconut cream pops
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*Add the ingredients to the food processor, reserving some of the raspberries for later.

*Run until smooth or chunky, depending on what kind of texture you’re going for.

*Stir in the remainder of the raspberries and pour into molds.

*Freeze 3 to 4 hours

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