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New Vegan Product ALERT!! ~ Vegan Caviar!!!

As you all know things have been HECTIC around here with the final push before the launch of Let It Be Love just around the corner. My editor had a family emergency and I had to do a quick re-edit to send it off to my release team and that’s what I did yesterday instead of sharing a vegan food recipe with you yesterday.

But never fear, I have something else equally cool to share with you today.

Not a recipe, but a new vegan food product that you must try out if you can find it or get it shipped to your neck of the woods.

Vegan. Caviar.

Yep, that’s what I said, vegan caviar.

Specifically, vegan black caviar.

Filgud Vegan Black Caviar

Sounds a little strange but as a fellow vegan and a vegan blogger, it is my responsibility to try this out and let you know if it’s worth the cost and the taste.

This brand Filgud is new to me and we happened upon it quite by accident. I was in search of Asian style noodles and our usual Kaufland was out so we went to another one and decided, as we do, to see what vegan products were available and we found this!

Filgud looks to be a Romanian brand and I say that because most non-Romanian brands here have a teeny tiny sticker on top of the original packaging that’s written in Romanian. That and all of the packaging is in Romanian but you can find more details on the website, here.

At first we tried the vegan caviar on a plain saltine cracker because that’s what we had on hand and it was delicious. Salty and creamy but not too salty, which I appreciated. Thanks to the seaweed extract it does have a distinctly sea-like taste.

Then I had an idea about another way to enjoy this newly found vegan caviar…with vegan cheese underneath it! I turned to another recent purchase to accomplish this. Filgud Cashew Cheese with red chili peppers!

It’s creamy, distinctly cashew-y in flavor and utterly delicious. Works well on its own, as a mayo or here, as a bed for the vegan caviar.

Filgud Vegan Cashew Cheese Spread
Vegan caviar on vegan cashew spread – Filgud brand

Just a little something to share with you guys. Hopefully…maybe…I will have some time to get another recipe posted before the week is over.

Until then, eat well & live well.



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4 thoughts on “New Vegan Product ALERT!! ~ Vegan Caviar!!!

  1. I’ll have to check out this brand! There is a seaweed vegan caviar a friend just showed me is for sale at Walmart, but I hate shopping there. Plus, it isn’t very good. Thanks for sharing!

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