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Easy Vegan Pizza Bread

What do you do when you want to make vegan pizza at home, but you don’t want all the calories that come with store bought (or homemade) pizza dough?

You get a nice hunk of bread from the bakery, making sure to read the ingredients that most store bakeries list to look for non-vegan ingredients such as milk powder or cheese powder. I recommend ciabatta bread or some kind of wide-ish roll that will hold enough vegan pizza toppings to satisfy your appetite.

There is no secret to this recipe, it’s vegan pizza only it’s served on bread. So gather your favorite vegan pizza toppings and cook them, or not, depending on how you like it and pop it in the oven for 5 to 10 minutes.

The ingredients I used for the topping include: onion, bell pepper, garlic and Naturli’ brand soy-based mince. Saute it for a few minutes and get ready to assemble.

For the vegan pizza sauce, I just whipped together some vegan ketchup (many brands are accidentally vegan but again, be sure to check the ingredients label), barbecue sauce and a few drops of Sriracha. Add some granulated garlic and ground cumin and you’re good to go.

If it isn’t obvious, we didn’t have any vegan block cheese or vegan shreds which is why I had to use sliced vegan cheddar cheese. It looks a little janky, I know, but damn that Verdino cheddar is so good! You can skip the cheese if you want, or opt for some kind of vegan béchamel sauce, nut cheese or however else you make cheese alternatives.

And there you have it, a nice quick and easy vegan lunch, which I’ve dubbed Vegan Bread-a-Rizza!

This may or may not be the last post of 2020, I haven’t decided yet, but if it is, I hope you stay safe and a little bit tipsy until 2021 arrives…then you can get a little more tipsy.



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