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Vegan Brunch Recipe ~ Hangover Edition

Happy New Year!

I’m not much for resolutions and all that, so my sincere hope for you is that 2021 is better than the previous year. Cook better. Eat better. LIve better. Be better.

And I just might be able to help you with the first two. Maybe.

Full disclosure: I was not hungover when I whipped up this recipe but as I put it all together, it occurred to me that this the perfect vegan breakfast fry up for when you consume a little too much booze the night before. But hey, even if you don’t overdo it, this is a great vegan meal to put together on a Sunday afternoon, or any other day you enjoy brunch.

Unlike most vegan breakfast recipes, you won’t find tofu scramble here but not becuase I don’t love them, I totally do. The real reason is just simple oversight, I thought I had firm tofu in the fridge and when I went to search for it, surprise! No tofu.

So I had to improvise with left over giant mushrooms and smoked tofu as the star of this vegan brunch dish.

For the mushrooms: onion, bell peppers (yellow & red), black beans and garlic

Season the mushrooms and place them face down on a baking sheet, on 400F/200C until tender. Sauté the vegetables in water or oil until soft and fragrant. Add beans with 10 grams of barbecue sauce and remove from heat.

For the tofu bacon: Cut the smoked tofu into strips and add 7 grams of maple syrup and 10 grams of soy sauce to a container with a lid. Shake until coated and set aside. These tofu strips only need about 10 to 12 minutes in the oven (or less in the air fryer), so pop them in while you stuff the mushrooms and keep them in the oven until the vegan stuffed mushrooms are ready.

For the potatoes: Chop the potatoes into even pieces, season and toss with a few grams of oil. Pop them in the air fryer for about 15 minutes total, tossing about half way through so they can cook evenly.

Stuff the mushrooms with the veggie & bean mixture and top with cheese, which is totally optional but if you are hungover you’ll appreciate the fatty goodness. Bake for another 5 to 7 minutes or until cheese is melted and the mixture is hot & bubbly.

Serve up with some of the hair of the dog, or a nice tall glass of fresh squeezed juice. And water. Always, always with water.

What’s your go to recipe when you need a hangover cure or just to feed a crowd early in the day?



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