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Vegan Pumpkin Desserts Galore!

With pumpkin season upon us, I thought it was time that I went a little bit nuts with pumpkin desserts. I’ve been working out regularly and there hasn’t been a month in the past 24 months that I haven’t lost weight so it was time to be…grateful for my success. Okay and pumpkin season is one of my favorite times of the year. The leaves are turning and so is the weather, and even though I pretend to hate it, I love sweaters and tights and boots and scarves and soups and chili. Definitely love chili.

But what I really love is taking pumpkins and squash and turning them into tasty sweet treats that even non-vegans will love.

When it comes to making desserts with pumpkins, I like to steal from recipes I already love. Take a banana bread recipe and add 1 cup of pureed pumpkin or squash to it, and voila…you’re gold.

The small loaf pan is a vegan banana-pumpkin cake with a rum vanilla glaze on top and the cupcakes are pumpkin spice cupcakes with nuts. There are other batches without nuts for those who count calories or simply don’t like nuts.

This is a second mini loaf cake without frosting. It was so delicious. Everytime we have overripe bananas I think to myself, “banana bread isnt’ as good as you remember.” And I truly believe it…until I take a bite. Then I’m sold all over again and the added pumpkin puree only makes the cake more moist.

A family friend of my in-laws brought me a REALLY HUGE pumpkin so I kind of went baking crazy for a day. Maybe two. Then my father in law’s birthday was upon us so I decided to make my famous vegan devil’s food cake and there was enough batter left over for about 4 cupcakes. As you can see the hubs got to them before I could take photos of the big batch!

I don’t use canned pumpkin and I don’t buy pumpkin spice mix. I like to mix it myself because sometimes I want more ginger or cinnamon and less cardamom. I like to experiment but feel free to use whatever you have on hand. Take cookie or cake or bread recipes, add a cup or so of pumpkin (or squash) and you’ve got weeks worth of sweet fall treats for the vegans in your life.


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