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Grilled Corn & Smoked Tofu Salad

Are we back on salads, again? Yes! Yes, we are.

It’s still hot and last time I checked, salad was still delicious. And today, we have a completely different salad for you test out, tweak and enjoy.

There isn’t much to say about making vegan salads that I haven’t said already, so let’s keep this post short & yummy, shall we?

Grilled corn and smoked tofu…what?

I know, right?

But hear me out, you get to eat corn, which is delicious, and grilled smoked tofu which is smoky and delicious and the perfect thing to eat after an exhausting strength training workout.

I used a grill pan because I REALLY wanted to get the grill marks on the corn, even though I totally cut it all of the fresh corn cob. What can I say, I’m complicated. The grill pan isn’t completely necessary but I was trying to be more creative so there you have it.

I know what you’re thinking. “Okay fine, I’ll make your stupid salad. How many ingredients are in this thing and how long is it gonna take?”

The time it takes depends on your meal prep skills, but the ingredient list is super simple. Check it out.

Grill the corn and smoked tofu on a lightly oiled grill pan. I know, usually I’m a big fan of oil free vegan recipes, but the grill pan sticks like a mofo and I wanted to cook it on high heat, so I lightly brushed some peanut oil on the grill.

While the corn and tofu is doing its thing, chop and rinse the salad. Spin it until dry and plate it. And don’t forget to weigh your food if you’re into that.

Rinse & chop the tomatoes, cucumber, scallions and bell peppers and toss into a bowl.

Set aside.

Next, we’ll handle the simple vegan yogurt salad dressing.

Here’s what you need: vegan yogurt, the juice of one lime, ground cumin, salt & pepper, garlic granules, basil & oregano. Stir until blended and refrigerate until you’re ready top that salad!

When the corn is cool enough to touch, cut it off the cob. If you cooked the smoked tofu whole, now is the time to chop it up. If you cut it before you cooked it, toss it in the bowl.

Add in the lime-yogurt vegan salad dressing and toss until everything is coated.

Plate it up, take some photos and get your nom-nom on!

And, that’s it. You get a healthy and delicious vegan summer salad in about thirty minutes or less. What more could you ask for?



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