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Visch & Chips – Vegan Fish & Chips: Take Three

I know what you’re thinking because I’ve been thinking the same thing myself, when is this woman going to give up on her quest for a proper vegan fish and chips? The answer is, “Probably a few more times.”

Seriously though, this time my goal wasn’t to make this dish taste anything like vegan fish & chips, but rather the goal was to get that crispy cornmeal crusted crunchiness on the textured vegan protein. So in that regard, I would say that this is a win.

But I must warn you, it ain’t pretty.

For starters, let me explain the reason for the odd spelling. I spent some time living in Germany and there, fish is spelled “f-i-s-c-h” and my concession to that was “v-i-s-c-h” and so there we have it, Visch & Chips.

Okay, now that we have that settled, let’s talk about the simplicity of this easy vegan fish & chips dish.

What you want to do is cook the TVP as early as possible so that it has a good long while to dry out, this will give you the best chance at getting the “vegan fish” nice and crispy. However, I must warn you that when it comes to TVP you might sacrifice moisture on the inside for outside crispiness.

Like a good ol’ American fish fry, I went for a flour and cornmeal mixture for the breading that also includes garlic granules, salt, smoky paprika, black pepper and cumin. If you’re feeling fancy or just want a different flavor profile, add whatever is in your spice rack.

Dredge the TVP through the cornmeal mixture and let it rest while you slice the potatoes. This is more of a preference when it comes to shapes. I chose traditional chips but I hand sliced them because, honestly, my mandolin terrifies me.

Add a few grams of oil and spices to the potato mixture and pop in the oven or air fryer, cook until crispy.

The visch also went in the air fryer because, yeah, I’m a little obsessed with it when the need for something crispy arises.

Because this is a fish fry and not technically, vegan fish & chips, I opted out of the vegan tartar sauce and went for simple ketchup and hot sauce, because you can’t really go wrong with ketchup or hot sauce.

Like I said, this isn’t the prettiest vegan dinner I’ve ever made, but it was delicious and crispy on the outside but also surprisingly moist on the inside. The chips were well-seasoned and crispy too, and I was a totally happy camper.

Lesson here? Not all vegan meals are insta-worthy but they’re still tasty and easy to make.


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