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Spicy Tahini Rice Bowl

This recipe was inspired by The Stingy Vegan but because we live in Germany right now, where you can’t get every vegetable on the planet year-round, we had to improvise.

vegan rice bowl

The good thing about this dish is that it is much heartier than it looks. We used wild rice because it’s delicious, hearty and packed with vitamins and nutrients. And I quick-pickled the vegetables with lime juice, champagne vinegar, brown sugar and fresh lime juice. Bok Choy is something I learned to love right before we left the United States thanks to a family friend who introduced me to the wonders of Cambodian cuisine. In this recipe, it was cut into quarters and charred in a pan with minced garlic and ginger.

Finding portobello or shitake mushrooms was another challenge but a lucky shopping trip to Kaufland resulted in a surprising find of portobello caps, which in turn reminded me of this recipe!


If you want to know the truth, the tahini dressing is what turned this plant based dish from simply good to downright delicious! And it’s super easy to make with just a few ingredients: tahini, soy sauce, sriracha, garlic & ginger.


As you can see, I opted to serve everything separate just to highlight the flavors of each, but you can pack this into a bowl and get a little bit of everything in each bite.

This plate has avocado on it because one of us (not me) loves the stuff!

Full disclosure: I made this recipe a couple of months ago so I can’t remember the exact measurements for everything and I won’t pretend to try, so I’m referring you to The Stingy Vegan link above because…well because it was damn good and the inspiration for this one. Enjoy!



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