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Tasty Vegan Carrot Mac

When it comes to food, I have no problem experimenting. And failing. And trying again.

Call it a quirk or a superpower, just don’t call me a quitter!

My most recent experiment came about because of my dislike of my vegan cheese that I’ve tried (except VioLife slices, those are super tasty) and my desire for something mac & cheesy. I’ve seen quite a few recipes that have carrots in them but they usually combine potatoes or cashews and we all know that I’m not willing to go there…yet. So I thought, why not use only carrots for the “cheese”?

And that’s how this version of Carrot Mac was born.

This was a fairly simple meal with about 6 carrots of varying sizes which I pan cooked but highly recommend that you bite the bullet and boil them because it will save you time and the frustration of having bits of crunchy carrot in your smooth, creamy sauce.

While the carrots are going, add in a sauteed or grilled onion and a whole head of roasted garlic. This is all going into the food processor to make the carrot cheese, just make sure you blend until smooth, adding that carrot water or plain tap water as needed. Just be sure to add it SLOWLY.

I added some tapioca starch and water just before adding the whole wheat spirals in the hopes of creating a thick, almost stringy sauce. It didn’t come out quite that well, but it was super creamy.

Before you start thinking this is in no way a meal, I roasted a small head of cauliflower until the edges were crispy & crunchy and then I stirred it into the carrot mac for heft and nutrients. Let me tell you, it was just what this dish needed.

That, and Sriracha.

You can add other vegan cheese to this if you want, but I opted to sprinkle a bit of ParVeggio on top in lieu of adding more salt.

This is another quick and easy vegan meal that’s perfect when you want something delicious but you don’t want to spend all day in the hot kitchen, especially while it’s 30 degrees Celsius outside!

And if you REALLY want, you can add an ice cold beer to the mix so it doesn’t feel quite so healthy.



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