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Quick & Easy Vegan Lunch Ideas

I know that not everyone has the luxury of working from home, which means you can’t take your time in the kitchen to whip up healthy and delicious vegan meals at your leisure. Many of you have to commute and work in an office or warehouse or studio somewhere and you’d just really like to get something healthy and delicious, with the caveat that it’s also fast.


Believe me, I know and this is where a little bit of prep time in the kitchen can go a long way. A really long way.

Today’s quick and easy vegan lunch ideas make great vegan sandwiches, salad dressings and even pasta, so let’s not waste anymore time, yeah?

Easy vegan lunch ideas for me, usually start and end with sandwiches because they are delicious and you can literally put just about anything between two slices of bread and call it a sandwich.

Vegan pesto & tapenade sandwiches

The question in our home when it comes to sandwiches is usually, open faced or closed? Why? Simple, open-faced sandwiches give you more yummy sandwich filling while closed-face can satisfy any carb craving.

So, choose wisely from one day to the next.

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Let’s start with the vegan pesto, which I have named in my Cronometer app, Super Greens Pesto because I packed it full of greens.

Super Greens Pesto Ingredients:

Scallions (green & white parts)
Radish greens (just tear the tops off and rinse them with the rest of your fresh herbs)
Lemon juice
Nutritional yeast

Then comes the best part of any pesto…the food processor or blender! Chop the herbs and leaves up and give the cashews a quick chop too, unless you’re super fancy and have one of those ultra high powered machines, and then let that baby go!

Run until smooth and if you need to, add more water or lemon juice.

Oil free vegan pesto recipes

Tip: Don’t add all the nooch at once. Do it slowly, a little at a time and you’ll start to see it transform into the creamy goodness you usually get with oil and parm. But if you’re not in the market for an oil-free vegan pesto, add oil.

Refrigerate up to a week, longer if you use oil to preserve it but in this house pesto never lasts long.

Then there’s tapenade. Are you familiar with tapenade? Do you love it?

Simply put, tapenade is an olive spread but you can mix in all types of things to change up the flavor profile…but only once you’ve got the basics down. Just kidding, do what you want!

Remember, this is an oil free vegan tapenade so if you like a little fat with your dip, stream the oil in until you get the consistency you’re looking for.

Tapenade Ingredients:

Black olives
Green olives
Sundried tomatoes
Lemon juice
Nutritional yeast
seaweed/wakame flakes (if you absolutely need that anchovy flavor)

Again, let the food processor/blender do the hard work until you get the right consistency. Do you want it a little bit chunky like a dip? Or smooth like a spread?

Oil free vegan tapenade recipe

Tip: If you find you need more liquid but you are determined to make it oil-free, consider using some of the olive brine, more lemon juice, caper brine or plain old water.

Refrigerate for up to a week, but always do a sniff test after the 5th day.

Lunch Ideas:

Let’s start with sandwiches. Grab some bread, sliced tomatoes and cucumber slices. Spread basil or tapenade–or both–on the bread and top with veggies.

Other great toppers include; pickles, fresh sprouts, vegan deli slices, vegan cheese slices, shaved carrots, sliced radishes…pretty much anything!

I kept it simple because holy cow does bread come with A LOT of calories. If you’re lucky enough to not have such concerns, load that bad boy up with whatever else strikes your fancy.

Always add veggies to your easy vegan lunch ideas!

Add pesto to your favorite salad, stews or even a pizza!

Pesto & Chickpea Tabbouleh Salad
Friday Night Vegan Pesto Pizza Brot!!
Pesto Beans & Beyond Sausage

Get more tips to make the very best oil-free vegan pesto around, HERE!

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