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Egg Roll Fried Rice

You know those meals some people refer to as refrigerator meals or kitchen sink meals? The name comes from the fact that you just take a bunch of random ingredients to make something pretty awesome. That’s pretty much how this recipe came out.

I had three different needs for cabbage in one week but none of them required a lot of it which means two small cabbages would have been perfect. But life isn’t perfect and the market only had giant cabbages fit for holidays like Thanksgiving or for industrial kitchens. I figured I could make a big bowl of cole slaw and use it on sandwiches since two different markets had no sprouts for sandwiches. Aw, sad face.

Long story short-ish…I had too more cabbage than need for cabbage and the only thing I knew was that I wanted to do something with an Asian flavor. A big shocker for me, I know.

And egg roll fried rice was born.

When I say this is a super easy weeknight vegan dinner I mean it!

Check out this ingredient list: smoked tofu, onions, garlic, ginger and cabbage. And rice. Duh.

Start with the onions and tofu first, giving them a head start on getting crispy before tossing in the garlic and ginger. Slowly add the cabbage and add water as needed to help it cook down. You can also cook it stir-fry style on a very high heat, but I chose the steam method. Stir and season as needed while you go. Add the already cooked rice at the end and some spicy stuff if you want, and bam…easy and satisfying vegan dinner in about 30 minutes.

Maybe 35.

I used basmati rice because for some reason it’s my favorite. The grains separate nicely making it very easy to eat with chopsticks.

Keep soy sauce and sriracha or sambal on hand in case you need more salt or spice.

The longer you let the smoked tofu cook, the saltier and crispier it will become and you’ll see exactly why this is called egg roll fried rice.



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