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From Vegan Dirty Rice to Dirty Fried Rice

So the title is pretty self-explanatory and I forgot to take photos when the Hubs made his delicious vegan dirty rice with kidney beans and veggies and plenty of spices, but I did take photos of my re-mix with the leftovers.

Take your dirty rice out of the fridge and grab a brick of firm tofu while you’re in there. Crumble the tofu and season it like you mean it. Scramble it up in a lightly oiled pan and then toss in the leftover dirty rice.

Toss until everything is coated and yummy. I added a tablespoon of Sriracha and the juice of one lime before tossing.

I also tossed in about a quarter up of green peas because I love the little peas and carrots you get in Chinese takeout!

Don’t forget the soy sauce and any other garnishes you deem necessary.

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Egg Roll Fried Rice

You know those meals some people refer to as refrigerator meals or kitchen sink meals? The name comes from the fact that you just take a bunch of random ingredients to make something pretty awesome. That’s pretty much how this recipe came out.

I had three different needs for cabbage in one week but none of them required a lot of it which means two small cabbages would have been perfect. But life isn’t perfect and the market only had giant cabbages fit for holidays like Thanksgiving or for industrial kitchens. I figured I could make a big bowl of cole slaw and use it on sandwiches since two different markets had no sprouts for sandwiches. Aw, sad face.

Long story short-ish…I had too more cabbage than need for cabbage and the only thing I knew was that I wanted to do something with an Asian flavor. A big shocker for me, I know.

And egg roll fried rice was born.

When I say this is a super easy weeknight vegan dinner I mean it!

Check out this ingredient list: smoked tofu, onions, garlic, ginger and cabbage. And rice. Duh.

Start with the onions and tofu first, giving them a head start on getting crispy before tossing in the garlic and ginger. Slowly add the cabbage and add water as needed to help it cook down. You can also cook it stir-fry style on a very high heat, but I chose the steam method. Stir and season as needed while you go. Add the already cooked rice at the end and some spicy stuff if you want, and bam…easy and satisfying vegan dinner in about 30 minutes.

Maybe 35.

I used basmati rice because for some reason it’s my favorite. The grains separate nicely making it very easy to eat with chopsticks.

Keep soy sauce and sriracha or sambal on hand in case you need more salt or spice.

The longer you let the smoked tofu cook, the saltier and crispier it will become and you’ll see exactly why this is called egg roll fried rice.

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Spicy Ginger Peanut Fried Rice

Have you ever gone down the YouTube rabbit hole? You know what I’m talking about, you go in search of something very specific and it leads you to a whole world of videos that you never knew existed but wish you knew about a lot sooner. Well if you don’t know, I suggest you try it because that’s how you get amazing dishes like this one. The easiest way to describe it is an Indian spiced fried rice.

Dishes like this are great because they satisfy any kind of takeout cravings you have but you get to decide how greasy you make it!

This recipe does require a bit of planning because you’ll need to cook the rice and let it sit for a few hours until it is cool all the way the through. It’s worth the extra effort.

For the rest of it, I used: ginger (lots and lots of ginger), onion, shallots, red & yellow bell pepper, tofu pieces, peanuts, garlic (rough chopped so you can really bite into it), lemongrass powder, jalapeno (diced with half the seeds removed in concession to my Hubs), coconut oil, and as you can see from the photos, turmeric.

You can add any kind of vegetables you want to this dish, just be sure to add them to the pot starting with the longest cooking time or you’ll have some very mushy vegetables because this cooks pretty fast and at a high temp.

Add the garlic and the peanuts at the same time, tossing for a few minutes. The thing you don’t want to do is just turn the pot of rice over into the skillet, fluff the rice with a fork first and then add it, tossing or stirring until it’s all blended. If you want a bit of grease, you can add a splash of sesame oil on top. I chose a soy sauce and lime juice blend and a few dots of Sriracha.

Cooking it on a high heat gives a nice little char on the edges which is doubly nice for the tofu and the peanuts.

Add a nice icy lager and you’ve got a quirky take on fried rice to satisfy any takeout craving.