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Couscous & Tofu Salad w/Green Goddess Salad Dressing

It’s time for another vegan salad with all the delicious goodies you know and love, but this time the focus is on the vegan salad dressing.

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When I first got on the Salad Train, I can admit that I wasn’t very imaginative, not with my ingredients and certainly not with healthy salad dressing options. I started with simple vinagrettes and then creamy dressings made with vegan yogurt, mustard and even Sriracha. But the oil is a real killer.

I know, I know, life isn’t just about calories. But when you’re trying to lose weight, which was my original goal, much of your eating life is about calories and oil comes in at 120 calories per tablespoon which is INSANE. Add in how much you need to use to make a proper vinaigrette and you can see why I started to explore other options.

So when the weather permits and when the supermarket or farmer’s market has them, I pile up on herbs. Dill, parsley, basil, mint, and pretty much whatever else green I can find. Except cilantro, it is not my jam and never has been.

So, let’s do this, shall we?

This is a hot & cold salad, which means you don’t need to cook everything but that also makes it versatile enough to eat during the hottest day of summer or as the autumn chill sets in.

Don’t let the seemingly daunting ingredients list intimidate you, it’s most rinsing, chopping and weighing. I swear.

I started with the salad dressing because I wanted to give the flavors time to get to know each other while I chopped and my stove did it’s thing. For the dressing you’ll need green herbs, as many as you want. I used dill, parsley, scallion tops, carrot tops, garlic & ginger (cooked), a few slices of chili pepper and a wedge or two of lemon juice.

Pop it in the food processor or blender, and let it rip.

Add your favorite spices to this versatile vegan salad dressing to go with whatever flavor profile that would go well with your salad.

Boil the water or use waste free broth for the couscous. Drop the grains into the water and remove from the heat. Set your timer for 5 minutes and then fluff it.

Season or marinate the tofu, I used smoked tofu, and cooked it however you like, on the stovetop, in the oven or air fryer. I used the oven because I’m lazy like that, but I’d love to hear how you cook your tofu.

Easy vegan salad dressing recipes – Green Goddess dressing

Once you chop all of your vegetables and throw them in a big bowl. Fluff and cool the couscous, and add it to the bowl along with the smoked tofu.

I prefer to toss my salad (yeah, I know, the jokes write themselves) a few times before I add in the dressing, so give it try.

Quick & easy vegan salads

Start off slow when you add the green goddess dressing, tossing every few tablespoons until everything is coated and delicious. Then serve and suck up all those veggies and nutrients, all totally vegan.

Smoked tofu & couscous vegan salad.
How to make creamy vegan salad dressing.

The best part of all? This hearty salad is just over four hundred calories, according to my Cronometer calculations.




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