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My Vegan Junk Food Haul

I’ve made no secret on this blog about my attempt to eat healthier. I started a vegan lifestyle in May 2017 and since then I’ve lost more than 45kg, I have increased my muscle mass and have almost no jiggly skin remaining. Yay me.

But I’m not telling you this just to brag or clap myself on the back, I’m telling you because I have worked really hard to maintain a healthy diet at all times without going overboard. But, a person with more than 45 kilograms to lose has a clear love and/or addiction to food, right?

Soooo right.

But that doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy a little bit of junk every once in a while. And whenever there are new vegan products that hit the market, I try them out to see if they’re worth breaking the calorie bank. Newsflash: They usually aren’t.

But let’s dig in and see, shall we?

Before I get into my vegan junk food haul, let me tell you a little bit about the healthy things I do to keep the weight off and stay healthy & fit.

Measure my food. I have a food scale and I use it to measure everything that I eat when I’m at home. It might sound like a lot, but you have to assemble a sandwich, pour chips into a bowl, squeeze mustard or ketchup on your burger. Do it on the scale. This is my new scale…pretty isn’t she?

Why? Because you’ll be surprised just how many calories are in certain foods and how few are in others, like yummy vegan salads. That way you can decide, do you want a 300 calorie salad with a cocktail later, or a 500 calorie slice of pizza. The choice is yours.

Use a food diary. I have been using Cronometer for a few years now and I love it. You can arrange your food into meals, booze and snacks, or however you like to track what you put in your mouth. And speaking of measuring your food, you can input your recipes so you always know how many calories you’ve eaten, burned and what your calorie deficit is each day.

There are also tens of thousands of food brands, restaurant and take out, removing your excuses for tracking your food.

Exercise. I try to stick to a Monday-Wednesday-Friday workout routine. Today I have a mid-afternoon dentist appointment so I probably won’t exercise, but I’ll make up for it tomorrow. Don’t allow yourself to make excuses and exercise makes you feel good as well as look good.

Weight myself. But I only do it once a week, after my Friday workout and shower. I don’t religiously check the scale but it is nice to see if the diligence has been paying off. If you measure food and track it, you shouldn’t be surprised when you get on the scale.

Keep it real. I know when I haven’t met my calorie deficit and when I’ve indulged a little more than I should. It sucks, but it happens, and as long as I’m honest with myself then I can promise to do better tomorrow and…do it.

Now…on to the vegan junk food.

I love lasagna but I don’t necessarily love making lasagna (but I promise you’ll have a vegan lasagna recipe from me soon because I found my curly noodles online!) especially when it’s hot outside. So I saw this, checked the nutrition facts and tossed it in the cart.

It was…okay. It needed a lot more flavor but the size was perfect for two adults. It’s the perfect thing to pop in the oven after a long day away from the house.

Check out this vegan pancake lasagna for inspiration!

Mici was my very first introduction to Romanian food back when I first met my husband and I was instantly in love. Mici, meaning little ones, is a savory little roll of mince and flavor. My mother-in-law makes really good ones, but she hasn’t gone vegan so I had to do without until two different vegan brands here in Romania (recipe with Verdino brand mici here) started making them. Vemondo is a fairly new vegan food company, but the mici are delicious. They got the herbs and spices perfectly so it’s even better than original mici because there is no gross grease sliding down your throat with every bite.

Would definitely buy these again. May have already bought them again.

I’ll start by telling you that I am NOT A FAN of beets. It is one of about 3 foods that I truly dislike, but my partner likes beets so these too went in the cart. They were…no bueno. The outer breading was nice and crispy with just the right amount of grease, but the dirt, I mean beet flavor, was overwhelming. I took 2 or 3 bites and left the patty for him.

In a strange twist of events, he didn’t like them either.

We haven’t made these yet, so I’ll keep you updated.

In the spirit of full disclosure I’ll tell you that I’m not a big sugar fan and it has nothing to do with being healthy or preserving my teeth. Mostly it’s just that I prefer a bowl of chips or popcorn instead of a piece of cake. But I saw vegan hazelnut spread and I was like, “Um, yes please!”

This was good but WAY too sweet for my palate. My husband loved the flavor, but he hated the after effects of eating something with so much fat. So if you miss the other hazelnut spread, this Vemondo brand is a solid alternative.

And we have reached the end of yet another vegan food haul. As you can see it was hit or miss, but to be fair, it wasn’t just a flavor problem. I used to be fat and I LOVE food, which means I’d always rather have more food than less, so if I can eat a big ol’ chickpea salad that satisfied my appetite, I’ll take it over a slice of pizza. I’m just greedy that way.

Tell me in the comments, what vegan junk food brands do you like? Protection Status



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