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More Vegan Sushi

Today’s post is just a quick humble brag post on my hubby and the way his sushi making skills have improved over the years. There’s no need to do another complete vegan sushi recipe, but just in case you’re in the mood to impress someone special I’ve listed a few of my favorites below.

Spicy Tuna & Veggie Rolls
Sushi Salad Bowl
Smoky Tofu Nigiri & Vegan Crab Roll

My birthday was a few weeks ago and I really didn’t feel like driving to Bucharest to get some good Asian food, so I requested vegan sushi, super spicy tuna in particular because I kind of love UnFished brand vegan tuna.

Vegan spicy tuna rolls

Although I’m not doing a full recipe, I will provide you with a tip here. Always make your sushi rice a few hours in advance so it has time to cool properly before you handle it.

Before you begin you will need a few things. First, if this is your first time making sushi, use sushi rice and follow the recipe to the letter. A flat wooden spoon is necessary to help you spread the rice, and a sushi mat so you can make the rolls. You can find a sushi making kit online or buy what you need piecemeal.

Although not required, you want to make sure you have three key ingredients before you plate and serve your sushi.

Soy sauce
Wasabi paste
Pickled ginger

Don’t you just love the way he plated the rolls with a bit of flare? It was just as good, maybe better, than going out to eat!

The best part of making vegan sushi at home? You should be able to find nearly all the ingredients you need at your local supermarket. I didn’t have to order anything online, not the nori or the pickled ginger and thanks to the growing number in vegans in Romania, even the vegan tuna was readily available.

I had great food, even better company and a nice bottle of Jameson for my birthday so here’s to another year around the sun!

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