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Beyond Burger Stuffed Bellas w/Brussels Sprouts

For many years I have had a love-hate relationship with stuffed mushrooms because they either come out too soft & mushy, like my Carrot Greens Pesto Stuffed Mushrooms or too underdone like the Mince & Couscous Stuffed Mushrooms. For a couple of years I just gave up on those elusive stuffed mushrooms that I’d enjoyed at restaurants in Chicago and Boston and Wurzburg.

I thought I’d have to resign myself to only eating them when made my a professional chef. Or my husband’s New Year’s Eve mushrooms

And then one day I was browsing the aisles of Lidl here in Romania and you know what I found? Portobella mushrooms. Not those flat wide one with more gills that mushroom flesh, but the gorgeous ones that were already practically a bowl just begging to be filled.

I tested them out a few times over the past few months and I am happy–ecstatic, actually–to report that I have finally achieved the perfect stuffed mushroom.

And you know what the perfect stuffed mushroom requires? The perfect vegan mince and I’m talking about Beyond Burger. Okay, maybe it’s not the most perfect vegan mince but of ALL the ones I’ve tasted, it’s the best damn one around.

So, let’s talk about these Beyond Burger stuffed mushrooms with bulgur and Brussels sprouts.

Vegan mince stuffed mushrooms.

I know this looks like a lot for a pretty simple recipe, but it’s really not. I promise.

And if you don’t like Brussels Sprouts, switch it up to something else like broccoli, asparagus or kale.

Let’s jump right in with your ingredients.

Beyond Burger Stuffed Mushrooms Ingredients list

Step One: Spray or rub oil onto a fresh sheet of parchment paper. Lightly add salt or garlic granules to both sides of your bella caps and cook them face down for 12 to 15 minutes.

This is where I’ve always had trouble with the mushrooms. Apparently I was cooking them too long this entire time!

Easy but tasty weeknight vegan dinners.

Step Two: Take your vegan mince, sundried tomatoes, pesto, diced onion and minced garlic and put it all into a bowl. Blend well. Maybe a wooden spoon will work for you but I went old school and just used my hands until everything was blended.

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Don’t forget salt and pepper, maybe a squirt or two of vegan Worcestershire sauce for a bit more flavor. Set aside.

Step Three: Cook bulgur (or other grain) exactly as the package instructions indicate.

Leftover stuffed mushroom insides with bulgur.

Step Four: Boil Brussels sprouts for about 3 minutes, drain and season with your favorite herbs and spices. I used garlic, mustard, lemon zest & juice. If you have a microplane/hand grater, use that, otherwise I just use the tiny shred option on a basic box grater.

Bake in oven 15 minutes until soft and maybe just a little charred.

Step Five: Stuff the mushrooms. Get as much in there as you can without over stuffing it. If your mushroom cap tips, you’ve gone too far.

Don’t worry if you have leftovers. I sauteed the rest of it in a skillet and tossed it with the bulgur to create the perfect, fluffy, flavorful bed on which to sit your stuffed mushrooms.

A bed of bulgur makes just about every vegan meal taste better, doesn’t it?

Step Six: Take some photos to make your friends jealous and don’t forget to tag me, Indyjaxn, on Instagram or Facebook at The Spicy Spatula!

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