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Lazy Vegan Dinners – Crispy Soy & Broccoli

I know, I know. As a certified carb-a-holic, it seems crazy to cook a meal without rice or noodles or pasta or…whatever. But sometimes you’re just too lazy, especially on workout days and you just want something quick and easy that tastes good.

Enter this super fast lazy vegan dinner. And the best part? If you need more sustenance, add a baked potato or a side of rice, like I did for this lazy vegan mashed potato bowl.

The second best part? You can switch this up use a vegan burger with corn on the cob, vegan sausage with roasted carrots or whatever meat alternative and vegetable you want.

Lazy vegan chicken & broccoli

This might not be lazy enough for some of you, but I promise that this meal will be done before your delivery order arrives at your front door. Don’t take my word for it, just test it out.

This vegan chicken is actually TVP so weigh it and add broth or water and put it on to boil while you chop up the broccoli. Then you can put it in the air fryer or cook it on high in the oven. If you’re up for a little more work, sauté it on top of the stove. I steamed the broccoli and then tossed with with salt, garlic granules and lemon zest and finished it off in the oven.

If it seems a little plain, add a dipping sauce like I did. Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures of it. My bad.

Quick and easy lazy vegan dinner recipes

But the sauce included: mustard, soy sauce and vegan yogurt, along with a few drops of Hot Ones XXX. Full disclosure: I totally dipped the broccoli and the soy because I was hungry. And lazy.

So, so lazy.

If you find yourself feeling lazy, check out my post, The Lazy Vegan’s Guide to Mealtime!

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