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Vegan Breakfast Anytime ~ Vegan Corned Beef Hash

Way back in the day when I was a kid, my favorite thing to have for breakfast on Saturday morning was corned beef hash. No one made it better than my grandmother and I really just couldn’t get enough of it. In college, it was my go to donation during any mid-morning breakfast event.

I was even happy to introduce this weird concoction to my international friends.

Then, my eating habits started to change. Long before going vegan, I started to make changes that included less fried foods, fewer processed foods and a lot more vegetables. And dishes like this slowly faded away. And then I moved to Europe and you just can’t find that weird corned beef stuff there.

But after going vegan and getting comfortable with my new way of life, I started to experiment.

And today I think I have a vegan corned beef hash that recalls the flavors of the original, minus the cruelty and the greasiness.

This is a pretty easy vegan recipe because the base ingredients are: potatoes, bell pepper, vegan mince (or a vegan burger chopped), onion, water/broth & nutritional yeast. Pick the flavor profile you want using the herbs and spices available to you.

Here are the specific measurements used for the recipe but feel free to increase or decrease what you need.

I like to start with the mince first because you can use the fat to cook the potatoes afterwards, adding a bit of water or broth as needed. But if you use oil when cooking, warm it up and add the potatoes first since they will take the longest to cook.

Tip: Shorten cooking time by making smaller cuts in the potato.

Next add the onions and bell pepper to the skillet, seasoning as needed. You may need to add more water or broth at this point, just add it a little at a time to prevent sticking.

Finally, add the mince into the skillet and cook until seasoned and warmed through.

If you’re like me and you like your food a little spicy, feel free to add a little Sriracha or Tabasco sauce, especially if you happen to live with someone who prefers a little less spice in their lives.

The best part of vegan breakfast recipes is that you can make them anytime you feel like it, clock be damned! As someone who only eats when they are hungry, I very rarely eat breakfast so when I’m in the mood for breakfast food, I usually have it for lunch or dinner.

What’s your favorite vegan breakfast meal?



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