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Vegan Frikadeller & Mash

Frikadeller. Let that word roll around on your tongue for a minute. Got it? Okay. I call them ‘frika’ for short and they are delicious. I fell in love with them when I lived in Germany, especially the way my mother in law makes them with little strips of carrot and onion. I would eat them piping hot fresh from the stove or ice cold in the middle of the night.

I was kind of a huge problem for a while.

Then I adopted a vegan lifestyle and bye bye frika. It was no great loss because I wasn’t having cravings for them and when I first went vegan I had lots of yummy (processed) vegan foods to choose from in Germany. There were several types of burgers and other patties, but no frikadeller.

Then Mama came to visit after we went vegan and brought vegan frika with her. Did you hear me? Vegan. Frika.

They are crazy delicious and something she often makes for us, usually after we’ve been hiking or traveling.

Last week something I like to call ‘Must Season’ has begun. Must (pronounced: moost) is a fermented grape drink and it is insanely good. It tastes like if grape jelly was a boozy drink. The grapes, loosely translated as strawberry grapes, are very sweet and tart and when they ferment you get a little bit of a buzz.

Now is the time the grapes are picked and you can find Must everywhere. Went to a fruit & veg festival, which was oddly more filled with animal products than produce, and it was for purchase there!

To celebrate the first batch of fermented Must with grapes from the farm on which my father in law grew up, Mama made vegan frika, Must and my favorite kind of buttery vegan mashed potatoes: a lot!

Making the frika is pretty simple, shred some vegetables, these are filled with carrots, onion, garlic, zucchini and crimini mushrooms, mixed with flour and mustard and water, then shallow fried in oil until they start to crisp. Then because she knows how we try to eat healthy, she popped them into the oven to get a good crisp around the edges.

The usual dipping sauce is mustard but I like to add a bit of Sriracha to my mustard for dipping.

We also had beet salad and pickled red cabbage for a bit of roughage.

This was a wonderful way to welcome autumn and enjoy the first–of many–bottles of Must to come.


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