When Life Gives You Bananas ~ Vegan Banana Bread

We’ve all been there, standing in the produce aisle deciding on whether you want to be a good adult and get just one or two bananas or more. But you are a grownup, one who eats their fruits & veggies daily. Then reality sets in and now you have half a bunch of uneaten, slightly overripe bananas that need to be eaten or tossed.

But who likes super soggy bananas? Not me. Definitely not me.

The adult in question was my husband and the bananas were three. So I mashed them all up with some vanilla extract and bourbon and gathered ingredients for banana bread. This recipe is so simple and quick that you’ll find yourself purposely not eating the bananas so you have a legit excuse to indulge.

Like any proper bread recipe you mix the dry and then the wet and then mix them together. All you need is flour, sugar, baking powder & soda, salt, a pinch of cinnamon and a dash of nutmeg. Cinnamon and nutmeg are optional but they really take this banana bread recipe to a whole new level.

Most banana bread recipes call for a cup or so of mashed up banana but my bread as SUPER moist because I used three. And because my mother-in-law owns an off-size loaf pan so I had to increase the recipe a little. Even still the bananas were plentiful and it made a really moist treat.

Mash the bananas.

Mix the dry ingredients together. Experiment with different spices like clove, nutmeg or allspice to change up the taste.

Mix wet ingredients (plant butter & sugar or oil & sugar) and then mix dry with wet until just blended. Banana bread isn’t a smooth dough so don’t worry about a few lumps.

As you can see it was incredibly long but my impromptu changes still filled out the pan nicely. And adding parchment paper to the pan meant it was easy to take out and slice for serving.

I didn’t add anything else to this banana bread recipe, other than walnuts, but sometimes a nice glaze will make a nice addition to turn this treat into the perfect vegan dessert.

Banana Blueberry Oatmeal Squares ~ A Plant Based Sweet Treat!

One of the things you should know about me is that I’m not that big into sweets. Once in a while I’ll make a pan of chocolate-y brownies to satisfy a craving for something sweet, but mostly I make them for the hubs. He has a sweet tooth the size of Alaska and he isn’t ashamed of it, so you can imagine that when we gave up animal products, there was an adjustment period.

Let’s just say that those early days helped break me of my sugar addiction, if I had one in the first place. Applesauce is not my friend. Sure it has its benefits, especially if you want to enjoy baking without the help of eggs, but for me it just made the cakes too dense and they were no good at all for cookies. Then I tried those strange combinations but many of those ingredients weren’t easy to find.

Until Arche VegEgg. A nice little egg substitute that works beautifully in cakes, breads and cookies. But if you can’t find that in your neck of the woods, there are plenty of options for you non-dairy pastry lovers!

There is no big story with this dish, honestly. I was in the mood for a rare sweet treat and there was nothing but a couple mandarin oranges and and a pineapple my hubs had reserved for a delicious cauliflower dish that I’ll be sure to tell you about later. The blueberries I used were frozen because this time of year in Germany, they are less than desirable but they were delicious.

What I used:

Bananas, mashed

Brandy (to mash with the bananas)

Plant butter

Brown sugar

Whole wheat flour





Vanilla extract

Almond milk (plus some for drinking!)

Making the squares is easy, just mix the butter and sugar, add the eggs and then the bananas before adding the extract. Mix the dry ingredients and slowly add them to the wet mixture until combined. Don’t worry if it’s lumpy, that just means it’ll be nice and moist when it’s all done.

vegan banana blueberry bread

I used a 9×13 pan but if you want thicker squares, use a smaller pan or readjust the recipe.

The almond milk–with no sugar added, thank you very much–was mostly for the photo but since the hubs has a much steadier hand, he was tasked with taking the photos and thus, chugging the milk when it was done. I like the almond milk for cooking and sometimes for coffee, but before I switched to a plant based diet, I absolutely loathed milk. I haven’t had cow’s milk since I was 7 or 8 years old thanks to an incident where the milk tasted/smelled spoiled. Ever since then, that’s how all milk tastes/smells to me. And unfortunately that has mostly carried over to being vegan.

Luckily I get my calcium from many other sources so I won’t get into the calcium absorption rates of cow’s milk but I will tell you that dry beans and dark leafy greens are a great non-dairy source, and if you suspect you’re not getting enough of it, add a supplement to help!

vegan banana blueberry oatmeal squares

Here’s a tip when cooking with blueberries: toss them in flour or cornstarch to prevent them from sinking to the bottom of the dish during baking.