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New Vegan Food Find! ~ Vemondo Coconut & Caramel Ice Cream

You guys know how much I love to find new vegan food items, whether in the grocery store or a restaurant. I feel compelled to try them out and as long as it’s something I like or might reasonably like I will test it out.


Okay, at least once.

Today (or was it yesterday) I was browsing the aisles of my local Lidl and my husband was bored watching me squint to check the ingredients on a tiny package of sun dried tomatoes. Why? To make sure there were no anchovies or crustaceans in the oil or the jar itself. There weren’t.

Anyway he zoomed right through the canned good aisles and went straight to the freezer section and found these babies, Vemondo Coconut & Caramel Ice Cream bars.

Ice. Cream. Bars.

The only option here until this moment was Magnum bars and they are pretty good but not so good that you feel addicted and compelled to have another. And another.

Vemondo vegan ice cream bar

I like them and enjoy them on occasion.

But these bars? Well first of all the dark chocolate coating has coconut flakes in it which makes it taste like a Mound bar. Who remembers Mounds bars? Truthfully, I didn’t until about the tenth lick of this crunchy chocolate shell but the memory came back instantly.

To put it simply, these were delicious. The coconut ice cream was creamy and very coconutty, but not in a “I need to have some more right now” way. It was fantastic and I took my time eating it because I didn’t want it to end.

This was a wonderful vegan food find that I would (and will) eat again however I think at 231 calories per bar, I’ll reserve the next one to eat on one of my work out days!

Is there a Lidl near where you live? What’s your favorite vegan ice cream or ice cream bar?



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