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Vegan Butter Chicken

Today’s recipe isn’t exactly a recipe, though I will offer some guidance how to whip up a quick and easy vegan butter chicken, but I wanted to share the one decent photo that came out because this vegan butter chicken recipe came out so well.

Really well.

The hubs said it was my best attempt so far so…yay!

As much as I love Indian food and I fell in love with it during the years we lived in Los Angeles, I had never had Butter Chicken before. Vindaloo and Dopiza was always my favorite and our local restaurant, Anarkali, I would often experiment but I guess I hadn’t made it to Butter Chicken.


Then we moved to Germany and there was a wonderful Indian restaurant close to our house called Kashmir. They had a lot of really amazing dishes, notably their butter chicken made with 4 different levels of heat. The hottest was AMAZING. I loved it and couldn’t get enough of it. From that moment forward, it became a favorite and over the years I have tried my hand at vegan butter chicken recipes to varying degrees of success.

Here is the photo, the only one that came out without steam distorting it, I might add. It was delicious and now I have to make it again and maybe get some decent photos the second time around.

What I Did:

Some of the changes I made to this version of vegan butter chicken that I think made it better include:

*I didn’t do the vegan yogurt marinade, instead I used TVP, drained it and tossed it in seasoning, cornstarch and a little bit of oil, then baked it on 225C until it was crispy-ish.

*I used a mixture of tomato sauce and vegan ketchup for a hint of sweetness since I made this dish spicy.

*Use more tomato paste than you think you should, to get a lot of that umami flavor.

*Simmer 15 to 20 minutes until sauce is reduced and thick.

*Don’t skip the coconut milk. I usually do because of the calories but adding it made it perfect!

Make Every Bite Count & Count Every Bite

What’s your favorite vegan dish that you keep trying to perfect?

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