Weirdly Delicious Veggie Tacos

I used to live in Southern California and now that I’m living in Germany I constantly have a hankering for Mexican food. Not just your standard corner dive serving up plain ol’ burritos and tacos, but authentically delicious slow cooked, make me lick my fingers it’s so good, Mexican food.

mexican recipes

Of course your standard German supermarket doesn’t have the same authentic ingredients (not even your standard soft shell corn tortillas!) as let’s say Jon’s, but I don’t mind because it forces me to be creative. Since my main man is a vegetarian, this means I actually have to be really creative because honestly, how many bean tacos can one household consume? Too many.

Trust me.

Roasted Trout & Garlicky Pasta (Or My Night In Italia)

I have recently re-discovered my love of whole fish after a traumatic experience in high school that involved me gutting my own recently caught Blue Northern. But my taste buds reminded me that whole fish is succulent and the flavors are so clean that even frozen fish tastes (almost) as good as the freshly caught variety.

Even though my hubs is a vegetarian and I have severely reduced my meat intake, I just can’t shake the fish. Maybe it’s because it’s so fresh and so delicious that I simply can’t resist but also because I need my brain food to pound away on a keyboard all day long.

homemade pasta sauce
Once you get over the eyeballs, you’ll LOVE the taste!

I’ve been experimenting with different types of seasonings—ginger, mint, limes & blood oranges, nutmeg, jalapenos, shallots and cocktail onions—and this time I thought I’d go with simple Mediterranean flavors.