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Simple Sun Dried Tomato Pesto ~ A.K.A. Vegan Rosso Pesto!

As an author, blogger and ghostwriter I spend a lot of time at home. In front of my computer. Sometimes hours go by without a break of any kind and the next thing I know…BAM, it’s time for lunch. Of course I’ve planned for lunch but that was when I was young and had fantasies that I wouldn’t work through lunch again and again. Next thing I know it’s three o’clock in the afternoon.

Too late to make a proper lunch without spoiling my evening meal but too early to skip it since I only had a nectarine and coffee this morning.

Enter bread toppers.

Pesto, tapenade, hummus, bruschetta, smears, dips and spreads…I love them.

I crave them.

They save my life.

Today, I’m talking about sun dried tomato pesto.


The first thing you need is sun dried tomatoes. You can get the ones in oil or water, or be brave and re-hydrate the dry ones, but make sure you give them a thorough look. I prefer the ones packed in oil because I’m working hard to reduce the oil in my diet and this lets me get a little bit to make it easier in the food processor but not so much that I feel like I’m drinking oil.

This recipe is pretty simple, all you need is:

Sun dried tomatoes
Roasted garlic
Blanched almonds (slightly toasted)
Roasted red bell pepper
Vegan parmesan
Black olives
Balsamic vinegar

Pop the ingredients into a food processor or chopper until the consistency is thick and kind of crumbly. If you add oil it will be a bit smoother but either way works well.

If you want to extend the shelf life beyond a week, oil might help. Maybe.

Not that any of us needs an excuse to enjoy a warm loaf of bread, but a solid vegan pesto is a better reason than most.

But don’t limit yourself to bread, crackers work well as does fresh vegetables like bell pepper strips, celery or carrot sticks can be an excellent vehicle for the pesto.

Add a blend of olives, wine or beer and you’ve got enough for a quick get together after work.

Live healthy. Live vegan.

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Vegan Lasagna…with Ricotta!!!

One of the few things I did miss about going vegan was lasagna without ricotta cheese which is strange because it is the ONLY time I like the stuff, and because I didn’t miss any other cheese products. Then I found a recipe for vegan ricotta. My first instinct was gross because personally, I don’t feel all the ‘cheese love’ for vegan cheese products and I’m okay without it in my diet.

But there is something about lasagna that just requires ricotta cheese and now that I’ve had it, I can pass along the knowledge to you.

Let’s get right into it, starting with the tofu ricotta!

What you’ll need:

Firm tofu (1 brick)
Nutritional yeast (2-3 tbsp. per brick)
Salt & black pepper
Vegan Parmesan

Pop those ingredients in a food processor until it is thick like ricotta, it will also have a slightly grainy texture, much like ricotta. Don’t over blend it. Once the tofu ricotta reached the perfect consistency, I tossed it with chopped spinach.

It was thick and creamy and I had to drop it by spoonfuls and spread it with the back of a spoon!

The rest of the vegan lasagna is a blend of crimini & button mushrooms, onions, bell pepper and garlic PLUS a homemade tomato sauce with fresh basil and oregano! Layer it up and pop it in the oven for 40-55 minutes depending on your oven and you are good to go.

This is another area where you can experiment with different vegetables and proteins to get plenty of different idea from a single recipe. I was in a traditional mood so I kept it simple here.

As you can see it turned out pretty well, staying in one piece during the cutting process.

If I could pick apart anything with this recipe it would be the cheese. I used it because this was a traditional vegan lasagna but I still am not a fan and I could have done without all of it, minus the vegan parm. It isn’t melty enough and I don’t like the taste of it but since the rest of the lasagna was so flavorful it didn’t bother me.


This was an amazing way to satisfy my desire for lasagna but it is time intensive if you make everything the way I did so I don’t imagine I’ll do it often but it was definitely worth the effort.

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Much Ado About Salsa

I know what you’re thinking, salsa is already vegan so why do we need a whole post about it. Right?


Salsa is vegan but it is so much more than that. It is the perfect snack for people in search of low calorie alternatives to chips, chocolate and other junk food. It’s a great source of beta carotene thanks to the tomatoes, and it’s a great way to impress the hordes who prefer the jarred crap, er salsa.

This won’t be a long post because there isn’t that much to be said about salsa, so let’s jump right into it.

A good salsa recipe starts with the right ingredients.

For this salsa I went mostly basic but once you have a base salsa, you can change things up and see how different ingredients change the flavor. Here is a base list of ingredients:

Chili peppers
Hot sauce (couple drops)

I used lemons this time around mostly because the limes were too hard and needed a few more days to ripen but typically lime is the way to go in my opinion. You’ll also notice a distinct lack of cilantro and that’s because I’m one of those people who can’t abide it. I won’t try it anymore and I don’t add it to my salsa so…that. But parsley is a great substitute if you’re part of the population who simply can’t do cilantro. I prefer jalapenos because I think they provide great flavor with just enough heat that I won’t burn off my husband’s mouth but sometimes I go a little crazy and use habaneros or Thai chili peppers. For the onions, try red or white or yellow, or even scallions.

Sometimes, like Cinco de Mayo or Wednesday, I’ll add a half shot of tequila mixed with the lime juice for a grown up salsa that is super delicious.

You can choose to hand chop your ingredients for a more rustic style salsa but I just don’t have the time or patience so I refer to my handy food processor/chopper. But there is a method to my madness. I prefer to pulse the tomatoes until they are manageable and then add the rest of the remaining ingredients.

So…how is this vegan?

Simple, it just is. But there are some people out there who add things like grated cheese to flavor it or other ingredients that might have animal products in it that you don’t know about such as some jarred lime juice brands.

 You should be able to taste all the ingredients in every bite.


A few more tips:

*Check your tortilla chips to ensure they are vegan and suitable for your particular diet.

*Make your own tortilla chips in the oven with whole wheat tortilla shells or get really fancy and make’em from scratch

*Don’t be afraid to experiment with other, similar ingredients.


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Cheesy Vegan Mac & Healthy Leftovers

One of the misconceptions that persists about vegans is that we are SUPER healthy since all we can eat are fruits and vegetables. First of all, I WISH!!! I have worked very hard to lose weight and get healthier but more importantly to stay healthy, but I am a human being with flaws, shortcomings and cravings.

Okay, since I cut out meat and dairy and most sugar I don’t have ‘cravings’ per se but there are times I want something that isn’t totally healthy. Or healthy…at all.

Enter mac & cheese.

Mac & cheese is something we can all relate to whether its memories of eating the crappy box variety as a kid or the fancy, multi-cheese versions served at nice restaurants. In my pre-vegan days I was a mac & cheese-a-holic, researching different types of cheese and their fat properties to see which combination would produce the gooey-est mac in town. Once I said au revoir to dairy, I learned–pretty easily–to live without cheese. Until my husband went all mad scientist in the kitchen this weekend.

This dish will turn the famous vegan stereotype on his head because even though it is still miles better on calories and fat than animal cheese versions, it ain’t pretty.

What he used:

Elbow Mac (white b/c we could find whole wheat)
Vegan pizza cheese (extra melty)
Vegan cream cheese (natural or herb works)
Nutritional yeast
Tofu in salty water (saramura is what they call it in Romania)
Plant butter
Almond milk (unsweetened)

Since I wasn’t in the kitchen but enjoying a cocktail as I finished writing another chapter in my upcoming romance novel, all I can say is that he started with a vegan bechamel sauce and slowly added the cheese and sour cream until it was thick and gooey and ready for the oven. Baked about 20-35 minutes until bubbly & crisp.

Side note: Vegan cheese doesn’t really do bubbly or crisp so do a feel test. If some of the pasta are crispy, it’s ready to come out.

This was a huge calorie bomb, about 800 calories per serving (8 servings total in a 9×13 baking dish) so we decided to let the Mac stand on its own for dinner.

The next day however, we took a few servings to my in-laws because we are on a never ending quest to add healthier food to their diets and of course, more plant based foods. They LOVED it and my mother-in-law refused to believe there wasn’t “real” cheese in it which I considered a total win.

But this brings me to the next topic. Leftovers.

I’m not one to turn my nose up at leftovers (mostly) but I’m not used to them since its just me and the husband, we usually make enough for each of us to have a serving and call it a day. It’s a tool we’ve developed to make sure we’re not constantly overeating and now that we’re both on plant based diets, it makes weight loss super easy.

I’ll bet you’re wondering how on earth could you do anything to improve this ooey-gooey cheesy vegan mac & cheese?

Easy, just add greens!

Kalettes are a cute little hybrid between Brussels sprouts (which I love) and kale (which I do not love).

They were DELICIOUS.

This was a quick & easy way to turn leftovers into a healthier lunch. I sauteed onion & garlic (no oil, just water) and then added the kalettes until they were soft and slightly wilted, then I added some lemon juice to reduce the dark bitterness of the kale. The lemon REALLY helps so if you’re not a fan of one or both of these dark leafy greens, trust me and add it.

It was delicious and easy, and did I mention delicious?

This is a perfect meal to make when you’re in the mood for something that isn’t totally healthy because you can justify it by promising to make something super healthy to go with it for tomorrow’s lunch.

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Chewy Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies

The first dozen or so times I tried to veganize a dessert recipe the results were disastrous. My cakes were too dense thanks to the applesauce, my cookies were flat and heavy and my pies were not flaky. I came pretty close to resigning myself to a life without my favorite homemade desserts, which surprised me because I’m a very occasional consumer of sweets.

My husband however has a certified sweet tooth and he was nowhere near ready to resign himself to a life without homemade baked goods. So I did my homework and thanks to other amazing vegan bloggers & vloggers, plus all the advancements in vegan food, things began to improve. Non-dairy milk, flax & chia seeds, applesauce and plenty of other dairy substitutes were tried, rated and discarded or kept in my pocket for use at a later date.

Now, thanks to plant butter and amazing egg substitutes, you won’t be able to tell the difference between my baked goodies and those with butter, milk and eggs in’em. And that’s a promise!

Which is my (very) long-winded intro into a day of peanut butter cookies, which happen to be my hubs’ favorite thing. He asked me for more than a week to make them and I finally relented. And thanks to poor planning, I had a leftover bag of vegan chocolate chips to use for a few of the cookies!

I have a super easy vegan peanut butter cookie recipe that you will LOVE! All you need is peanut butter (1 cup), butter (1 cup) and brown sugar (1.5 cups), which you will cream together. Add in 2 vegan eggs and vanilla extract (I used a splash of Disaronno instead, but do you) and then set aside. Add flour (2.5 cups), salt (1/2 tsp), baking soda (1.5 tsp) and powder (1 tsp) in a bowl and then mix into wet ingredients until blended. Chill for ten minutes and bake 10 to 12 minutes. (Makes 4 dozen-ish)

It’s very easy and the results are worth the effort. If you want softer chewy cookies, cook at the low end of the time and if you want them crispier, cook longer. But let’s not forget that your stove will help determine an exact cooking time to pay attention to the progress.

Just in case you need a reason to have vegan cookies for breakfast!

You can use this recipe to make peanut butter sandwich cookies or even XL cookies half-dipped in chocolate. Change the recipe as you see fit.

Here are a few ways I’ve changed up my peanut butter cookie recipe over the years:

1 tsp. Cinnamon
1 tsp. Nutmeg
Rum or Bitter Almond extract
Orange zest
1 pinch of Cardamom
Add pretzel pieces and vegan candy and smoosh into muffin pan


Comment below and tell me how you like your peanut butter cookies!

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Margarita Monday…With A Vegan Twist

I am a big believer in celebrating life whether it is a major achievement or a small step on the path to something bigger or better…or whatever. I am also very much a believer in enjoying each day as it comes and if anyone has ever read my #MustangPrairie series then you know I love giving each day special meaning. In Mustang Prairie it’s #merlotmondays but today it is Margarita Monday.

Why? Mostly because I love cocktails and consider myself a bit of cocktail aficionado. A bit.

So let’s get the first thing out of the way, this is a margarita-less Margarita Monday because I was in a Paloma kind of mood.

All you need is good tequila (I have Cuervo right now) and grapefruit soda like Perrier which is incredible, but I recommend San Pellegrino (Arianciata Rossa) which is a delicious blood orange flavor. Add a twist of lime and you’re ready to get your cocktail hour on…until it’s time to get the vegan taco bar started!

Did somebody say taco bar?

Absolutely! Living in Los Angeles we ate plenty of Mexican food and since taking up a plant based diet, my husband and I have had a great time veganizing our favorite Mexican, South American and Spanish dishes. The best part is finding out how different proteins adapt to the flavors. Black beans offer up a different flavor, taste and texture than mushrooms but sometimes you just want to go back to your college days where you ate plain hard shell tacos…with tofu crumbles.

This was a simple taco bar, starting with tofu crumbles, onions, red bell peppers and corn. The bottom of each hard shell is lined with shredded Romaine lettuce and from there you can stack with whatever you like.

Salsa? Check!

Guacamole? Double check!

Black olives

Jalapeno peppers


If you have the time, and YOU DO, make the salsa yourself.

In fact, I’m going to do a full post on making a proper salsa just for you lovely people!

This is the perfect plant based taco recipe for when you’ve got a craving for your favorite Mexican style fast food but you want it fresh, healthy and with zero animal products!

And best of all, there’s enough for everybody!

This is a quick and easy meal and it can be made even easier with a side of rice & beans or my favorite, creamy garlic & dill cucumber salad.

What’s your favorite vegan taco?

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Not Just A Vegan Diet

Today I want to talk about another aspect of being a vegan or rather, striving to be a better vegan, and that is living a vegan lifestyle. For some that means a strict adherence to non-animal products in every aspect of life but for most of us, that means ridding your life of as many of those products as possible…or as you are comfortable with because it’s a lifestyle not a rule.

The thing about trying to go vegan in other areas of your life is that most of us have NO idea just how many of our daily products contain parts of animals, at least that was true for me. It wasn’t until I got a newsletter about an “all new totally vegan skin cream” that it even occurred to me that there might be something in there that shouldn’t be.

And so began my quest to find good quality but cost friendly vegan skin care products.

Of course the number one tool in my arsenal is…water.

The first stop was this all natural store that sold a lot of vegan vitamins and I know what you’re thinking, aren’t all vitamins vegan? The short answer is nope. The longer answer is that many of the smooth capsules that make swallowing pills halfway bearable are made from the family of glycerols which is a nice word for animal fat (like suet or tallow). So if you don’t want to eat animal fat, you might want to be on the lookout for ‘plant glycerin’ made from plant fats.

And now we’re back on track. This place had some nice skin care products but they were cost a bit more than I wanted to spend so I went with a body lotion and a day moisturizer with SPF for days spent sightseeing.

The body butter is incredible, soft and creamy with lots of plant and fruit stem cells to keep skin tight and youthful. The other is way too thick for me, but kind of perfect when you’re doing high altitude sightseeing even on an overcast day. I don’t love it but I find it useful. The body butter was the equivalent of 15 USD or EUR and the benefit balm was about 12.

When we lived in Germany it wasn’t too difficult because although it was tiny, they do have a surging vegan community. But moving to Romania meant not only could I not find the Olaz (Olay in the United States) face moisturizer that I’ve been using for years before going vegan but I couldn’t find ANY plant based skin care products. *sad face*

Then one day we were driving past this municipal building that for some reason has a bust of Ronald Reagan in the terrace area (not kidding)…

and I spotted a familiar drug store chain, the same store where I purchased everything from vegan toothpaste (for the hubs), deodorant, bodywash and yes, skin care products!

After doing a happy dance, I went inside and found Alverde, an affordable brand of vegan skin care products!!!

It’s a store brand too, so you know it’s affordable. Thankfully there’s this weird marriage between Germany and Romania so there are so many products to choose from that I just bought a few to see which ones I like. Also because we won’t be here long so I better soak up all the vegan lotion just in case I have to back to coconut oil.

Luckily I speak enough German to read all the labels for you. These are all types of moisturizers, two for day and one for night.

If you’re not sure if a product is vegan, you can look for the labeling like this or read the ingredients label. Typically if it just says glycerin that means it is animal derived, otherwise it specifies that it is plant or fruit-based.

It really is up to you to decide where the line is for you but do yourself a favor and check out what’s in your favorite skin care products just so it is an informed decision. We all do the best we can, but more information is always better.

What are your favorite vegan skin care products & brands?

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Sometimes You Just Want A Salad ~ Vegan Salad Hacks

As some of my closest friends will tell you, salad is not food. It is torture in a bowl to those who;

A. Hate veggies
B. Are children
C. Aren’t adventurous

Those are some pretty bold statements, right? I know. But c’mon. Seriously, how can any adult human say they ‘don’t like’ or ‘hate’ salad? Is it all salad or just those without creamy dressing on top? Is it a particular type of lettuce or just the fact that you are literally eating a bowl full of vegetables?

I’ll admit that as a former teenage girl, I’ve had a love-hate relationship with salad for most of my life. Then about a decade ago, maybe more, I became an actual adult, you know, eating foods that are good for you and finding ways to make them more flavorful. Now, I try to eat a salad every day and if not, every other day.


That’s easy. Salad is packed with fiber thanks to all the raw veggies, which has several amazing benefits. First, the fiber makes you FEEL full which means a calorie-friendly salad is a great tool to put in your weight loss arsenal. Then there’s the fact that every vegetable in your salad has health benefits such as the antioxidant beta-carotene in tomatoes, the dark leafy greens that contain vitamin K along with a host of other antioxidants is another great reason to add a salad to your diet.

Raw veggies can help reduce your risk of cancer, lower blood pressure and reduce your risk of stroke.

Plus making salad is…EASY.

All you need to do is grab a handful of your favorite salad veggies, or better yet, try out some new ones and see what strikes your fancy. Above is a spiced chickpea salad with corn and that only out of the ordinary ingredients I used were the chickpeas and corn, otherwise it was your basic lettuce (butter), tomatoes, scallions, black olives and bell peppers. I added some curry and turmeric to the salad dressing and a quick and easy, calorie friendly lunch.

The best thing about a yummy vegan salad for lunch? You can splurge (occasionally) on a creamy yogurt based dressing…if you make it yourself. You won’t get the same calorie content if you slather ranch or blue cheese on your veggies. Personally, I prefer a quick oil-free vinaigrette because it adds a TON of flavor without all the calories.

Then there are the days where you know you need some fresh, raw veg in your diet but you’re feeling lazy. Bored. Not in the mood to eat healthy. What do you do then?


I recently came across some delicious beefsteak tomatoes, totally out of season but flavorful nonetheless. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any fresh basil so I made do with the dried stuff, added a few shavings of vegan cheese and created a quick & easy Caprese salad…sort of.

The photo isn’t all that pretty, I know, but it was delicious. All you need is tomatoes, cheese, basil, salt & pepper and garlic granules and a splash of balsamic vinegar. It was the perfect side dish to a chickpea burger.

I like to call this a Happy & Healthy Meal.

But don’t go patting me on the back just yet because one of my vegan salad hacks is to add fresh veggies wherever I can and one of my favorite places to do it is Asian dishes. Add a handful of lettuce tossed in scallions and rice vinegar to a noodle or curry dish. But I find it easiest with Mexican cuisines.

Not technically a salad, but these nachos have raw lettuce, tomatoes, onion and garlic (in the fresh salsa & guacamole). Sometimes when I really want to clear toxins from my body–thanks to too much junk food or booze–I’ll add cucumber and shaved carrots to my nachos or tacos, or burrito/fajita bowls.

The point is, sometimes your body just needs a little salad to keep it functioning like the well-oiled machine it is, so make sure to give your body the fuel it needs.

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Creamy Vegan Romesco & Whole Wheat Pasta

For as long as I’ve been old enough to worry about things like weight and fitness and beauty and health, there has always been one constant diet “truism” that I loathe. No or low carb.

I admit it, I am a carb-a-holic. Despite that I managed to lose 25kg in 2018 which means that I have no plans to give up my love of healthy, complex carbohydrates anytime soon. And that brings me to the craving I had recently.


For the uninitiated, Romesco sauce is a delicious, hearty and flavorful sauce that originated in Catalonia, but can be found in most Italian restaurants these days to go alongside your favorite pasta dish. Rather than using it as a dip, I turned into a pasta sauce and it was


The key to a good Romesco sauce, in my opinion, is getting a good roast on pretty much everything. I toasted the blanched almonds, roasted the red bell peppers and a whole head of garlic, and for a little extra flavor I added a couple sun-dried tomatoes. Once everything has been roasted and cooled, peel what you can from the peppers and add everything to a food processor. Here is the fun part where you can decide how chunky or smooth you want your sauce to be. Of course for the pasta I wanted it thick and creamy-ish but I didn’t want to add any oil to it, which is also a key ingredient by the way. I relied on the oil from the sun-dried tomatoes which might have totaled 1.5 teaspoons maximum.

To thicken the cream and give it enough oomph for the pasta, I added Take It Veggie brand of vegan cooking cream, about 1/2 cup which was all it needed for about 350 grams of pasta.

vegan romesco

The rest of the sauce was pretty easy, just saute a yellow onion and I added this new dried soy granules, which have the same effect as any kind of tofu crumbles but I was curious how this worked (btw, great!) so I wanted to give it a try. The onions & tofu completed the sauce and all that was left…cook the pasta.

The pasta was the easy part. Just grab a bag of whole wheat anything–I used fusili because I wanted the Romesco to get stuck in all the nooks & crannies of the pasta, so the flavor was EVERYWHERE–and cook it according to the instructions.

This is another simple vegan meal for the lazy vegan in all of us, but the great part is that this is where serving size can really help if you have weight loss goals. This meal is satisfying, calorie & fat friendly and easy to make because the oven does most of the hard work.

Plus if you only eat one serving–moderation and all that–you have plenty of room for a cocktail or dessert!

No surprise which one I chose! Try this recipe and let me know how it turns out and as always, photos are welcome!

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Mushroom Pizza Pocket – Plant Based (and oil-free!!!)

One of the things that gives people pause about going vegan is they think it means eating healthy ALL THE TIME. Let me tell you that’s not true. It’s easy to eat crap while eating vegan…if you let it happen. But no matter how bad it is, it is always better than it’s animal-based alternatives. But that doesn’t mean you should shy away indulging your not-so-great urges, it means that you should be honest and understand that desire happens and ignoring it is a one way street back to Junk Food Junction.

Instead, make what you feel like–for example, pizza pockets–and make it as healthy as you possibly can.

What does that look like, exactly?

This recipe was pretty easy and it doesn’t require a lot of ingredients to get the job done. Let’s start with what’s on the inside:

Crimini mushrooms
Oyster mushrooms
Vidalia onion (1)
Garlic (5 or 6)
Bell pepper (1/2 red & 1/2 yellow)
Rosemary (fresh sprig if you have it lying around)
Thyme & Oregano
Salt & black pepper

Since I didn’t use oil, I cranked the fire up when the mushrooms & rosemary were first added to the skillet until there was a slight char on the edges, when the water begins to cook out of the mushrooms, add a pinch of salt and some soy or Worcestershire sauce but be warned, I’ve found it pretty difficult to get my hands on vegan Worcestershire. Add a little bit of liquid–as needed–to keep from sticking.

Once mushrooms have started to brown, add onion and bell peppers, cook for about 5 to 7 minutes and then add garlic and herbs.

For the pizza dough, I went the lazy route and bought a fresh one from the bakery because it turns out they use olive oil instead of butter so that was a win for me!

Lay out the dough, I did it straight on the parchment paper, and then fill it as you desire. I went with the big ol’ pizza pocket method because the kitchen was very warm and the dough was getting sticky. Lay it out, fill it and fold it up, sealing the edges with water and your fingers. I don’t think you need to brush the top with oil or butter, I just added some cayenne pepper and sea salt to the outside for color and flavor.

While the pizza pocket cooked in the oven, about 20-25 minutes with my oven, I whipped up a quick salad of tomatoes, cucumber, scallions, kalamata & green olives with a lemon mustard vinaigrette and I grabbed some murături from the fridge (okay, from my mother-in-law’s fridge) to finish off the meal.

Seems a little too simple, right?

I thought the same thing but with all the pizza dough, I figured we should go the fresh/raw route to complete the meal because you need that fresh, nutritious fiber in your life, plus all the benefits of eating fermented/pickled vegetables. If you’re curious, it’s cabbage, pickles and cucumber this time around.

If this all vegan mushroom pizza pocket is feeling a little too healthy for ya, I know the perfect way to fix that.

bon appétit!